What is ATPCO Fare File, How to file fare in GDS & other Database [Video]

ATPCO fare filing involves loading fares into an ATPCO database so that they can be distributed in all GDSs worldwide. ATPCO allows Airlines and 3rd parties to code fares, rules, taxes, and routing directly into its database. Lack of proper knowledge on fare loading solution and rule interpretation affects the revenue of many travel companies. Therefore, they need an ATPCO fare filing service to resolve their fare loading concerns.

Airlines, OTA(s), TMC(s)/Corporate, tour operators, and consolidators load their promotional/special fares into ATPCO database in order to process their fares for redistribution. Fare filing service allows them to load those fares on ATPCO database for proper fare redistribution. These companies need real-time fare filing service to beat the market completion by displaying their special fares before their competitors. Moreover, ATPCO fare loading solution allows selling fare update and help companies do fare data management as per their choices.

Analytics-driven solutions used by ATPCO fare filing experts help travel companies load fare rules, and routing. They also perform CAT 15 fare filing, CAT 10 fare filing, CAT 25 fare filing, Negotiated Cat 35 fare filing, Military fare filing, Published, Private, Net, Branded Fares, Commission, and YQ/YR Tax Filings. This allows companies to handle any complex fare filing in a simplified way. Round the clock fare loading service helps companies achieve speed to market. Thereby they load their sellable fares efficiently.

How To File Fare in ATPCO, GDS & Other Private Database

To file fare in ATPCO, GDS & other private databases you need to be very qualified for its very technical work. so we recommend hiring an expert so that it is done accurately. There are so many companies who provide fare file service but we recommend you TWAI.Com for this work as they are 40+ years experience and very much professional in this work.

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