Twai Travel Automation Platform And Quality Control Management [Video]

Twai, a Travel technology company provides a revolutionary hosted travel automation platform. This robot can do anything a manual agent can do within the reservation system. This product is an end to end PNR management from QC/Ticketing to Queue Management.

Any kind of fare, payment and any number of segments, this automation software can issue any complex tickets within no time. We work 24/7 as your quality control agent with zero errors.

About the Company:

TWAI is an Expert travel technology company that strives to modernize travel distribution by enabling Travel Suppliers to seamlessly distribute their content to directly at a lower cost. TWAI understands the needs of Travel Suppliers and Partners and we are unencumbered with constraints of legacy systems which enables us to utilize the latest technologies like Blockchain, Distributed Databases etc. Travel distribution is constrained by legacy technology and antiquated financial models. TWAI empowers the travel industry with choice to grow in the new world.

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