Some Frequent Types of Airplane Ticket Fraud done by Fraudulent
Types of Airplane Ticket Fraud

Some Frequent Types of Airplane Ticket Fraud done by Fraudulent

Let be clear that its not often you get cheated. but off-course there is a chance that you get cheated for Airline ticket.

So What are some of the most widely used fraudulent tactics in the airline industry? Well, fraud comes in so many shapes and forms at almost every point along the ticket booking process. Here are some of the common types of airline fraud that can occur.

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Fake Payment Information:
In most cases, criminals simply use someone else’s personal and credit card information to commit fraud. Just a few years ago, in June 2016, the European branch of Interpol cracked down on more than 140 criminals in a 48-hour sting operation.

Stealing Loyalty Miles:
Credit cards aren’t the only targets for online criminals. They also steal loyalty miles. This happens more than you think. Every year in the US, $48 billion worth of loyalty points are collected by frequent flyers. What does it take to steal these miles? All fraudsters need to do is hack into someone’s account and use their free miles to book a flight.

Phishing Employee Accounts:
In addition to customers, airline employees are also vulnerable to online scams. Phishing is a technique in which a fraudster sends an email impersonating a higher up in an effort to solicit confidential information. According to Digital Trends, in a recent phishing attack, airline employees lost more than $2 million worth of tickets.

Employee Fraud:
Some employees fall victim to fraud while others commit it. Although companies usually trust their employees, as Virgin Australia found out, some employees will knowingly exploit system loopholes to their benefit. A call center employee was discovered to have booked over $225,000 worth of flights for friends and family over a 30-month period.

Fake Travel Agencies:
A few years ago, Delta Air Lines discovered a fraud perpetrated by four 3rd-party websites. The websites charged travelers for canceling their flights. Scammers also fabricated stories to Delta about why tickets were being canceled.

Customer Account Hacks:
To save time when making a purchase, people create personal accounts on various websites. As you’re well aware, user accounts get hacked all the time. American and United Airlines found out about it the hard a few years ago when their customer accounts were compromised and dozens of flights got booked.

POS Machines:
State-of-the-art IT systems get hacked every day. What chance does a simple POS machine have? As Verizon discovered back in 2016, these machines have nothing on hackers. Nearly 75 percent of data breaches in the hospitality industry come from POS machines.

In-Flight Fraud:
Nothing’s safe from fraudsters. Not even in-flight merch. In 2015, two fraudsters conned multiple companies out of expensive in-flight goods, using cards that exceeded their limit. They swiped their cards during the flight, when the transactions would go through. The fraudsters would leave the plane before attendants had the opportunity to find out that the card was rejected.

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