All you need to know about selecting the right Travel Technology Company
Travel Technology Solutions

All you need to know about selecting the right Travel Technology Company

Travel companies are facing increased competition due to varying customer demands. They need to introduce the best travel technology solutions to accelerate their development cycle. For selecting the best travel technology solutions, these companies need to partner with the best travel technology company.

In the midst of a number of travel technology companies prevailing in the travel industry, getting the travel technology solutions from the right one is a bit difficult task. However, a quick analysis can be done by simply cross-checking some essential parameters for selecting the best travel technology company. This will allow travel companies to create a better impact on your business as the right travel technology company guarantees the worth of their travel technology solutions.

Travel technology solutions

Travel technology solutions are the major reasons for the rapidly changing business environment. They have become the key-elements for engaging more and more customers. Services like ticket booking, arranging accommodations, food, tour packages are some of the crucial elements of the travel industry. Travel technology solutions are the tools to manage these crucial elements in the best way.

If you are thinking for a long time aspect, focusing on bringing the right travel technology solutions is a good step as customers like to have a better experience that suits their requirements easily. The use of modern technology in doing day to day activities has become important nowadays. This allows convenience and fast processing which saves both time and effort.

A perfect travel technology company provides a range of travel technology solutions including B2C & B2B Travel Portal, B2C & B2B Travel Portal, and services like Payment Gateway Integration, API Creation and development, Custom software development, and web development.

9 factors to check for selecting the best travel technology company

•Travel companies can check the experience of the travel technology companies. For instance, how many years they have spent in serving for the travel domain. If they have served for travel companies and channels earlier, you can select the best travel technology company from them.

• An expert travel technology company is proficient in services like API integrations, they have experienced staff that is capable of implementing multiple GDS, Aggregators, and Suppliers for business. Get along the travel technology company that has a skilled team to perform all types of integrations.

•Check for the range of products, the travel technology companies have. If you can find more than two essential products on a single platform, go for that company. This will help reduce unwanted expenses and deliver you the best in class travel technology solutions.

•All the travel operating software should have a user-friendly interface and can streamline booking processes. This will help in business growth by optimizing profit.

•The backend system by the travel technology company should be robust enough to fulfill the travel company’s operational needs.

•Travel companies can also take into account the payment terms by the travel technology company. They should try to check if the travel technology company is applying any hidden charges. 

•The customizable solution is one of the most important factors to check while selecting an advanced travel technology company. You could be familiar with the open-source or readymade products by the travel technology company but do you know a leading company may also provide customized solutions. They develop these solutions as per your exact business requirements. This brings flexibility and helps differentiate your business.

•Travel technology firms provide the path to discover new opportunities for your travel business so that you can go higher. They let you introduce some updates based on the latest technology and you are done. Many travel technology companies are still providing tools that have old technologies, they still remain 20-30 years back due to outdated technology tools. Therefore, you should wisely select the one having advance travel technology solutions.

•Select the travel technology company with which you can form a long term relationship as getting a travel technology solution can be a huge investment. You may not like to lose terms and change travel partners every year.

Take a look at the best travel technology company right here

TWAI is a leading travel technology company worldwide as they serve customers in 50 countries across all continents.  They partner with their clients to provide them with the best in class travel technology solutions. This can strengthen your distribution capabilities. They help you automate business in the best way as they have experienced staff. They provide fully responsive travel technology solutions as their team focuses on the latest technology to deliver excellent results. The travel domain and technology expertise make them a trusted travel technology company.

Products & Services are:

  • Travel Booking Engine (B2B & B2C)
  • API-Integration/Creation
  • GDS, CRS, PSS Integration
  • Custom Travel Software Development
  • Travel Website Development
  • Airline Content (Branded Fares, Amenity, Logo & Fares for your Website)
  • BPO/BPaaS
  • Fare Filing
  • Ticket Audit/Unused Ticket Refund
  • Consultation
  • Block-chain
  • Wholesale Air Fares

Wizie is an India based leading Travel Technology solution provider, delivering Booking Engines, All major GDS Connectivity, PNR Management, and Automation. We deliver scalable Travel solutions with the latest technology integrated.

Founded in 1999, our widespread customer base speaks of our Greatness in the Travel Industry. We have engineered to different sectors of the Travel industry, like Airlines, Travel Agencies/Consolidators, OTAs, Rewards/Loyalty Companies and Insurance Companies.

Products & Services are:

  • Travel Booking Engine (B2B & B2C)
  • API-Integration/Creation
  • GDS, CRS, PSS Integration
  • Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Fare Filing
  • Consultation
  • Block-chain
  • Wholesale Air Fares

AccessOne is the USA based unique fully cloud-based managed platform allowing for aggregation of all your GDS and directs connect suppliers across all of your products into a single unified connection combined with a state of the art business rules management engine that allows for complete control of your products across different channels in a simple manner. This helps utilize/maximize your time and cost for integration as well as allow for complete control over your products.

Products & Services are:

  • Travel API (Airline & Hotel)
  • Booking Engine (B2B & B2C both)
  • GDS Integration
  • Booking Engine Integration
  • NDC

For Demo visit:

TripMole Globally Operated head office in Canada knows the challenges faced in the Travel Industry today. Travelers today are more informed and are demanding more rich content that is accessible instantly to make quick and informed purchase decisions. At the same time, due to various legacy systems, directly connect, NDC and differing standards, the content is getting more and more fragmented. At TripMole, we understand this challenge and combine our proprietary data with multiple sources to build one of the largest proprietary rich content databases that is accessible through a unified API.

Products & Services are:

  • Airline Amenity Content
  • Airline Branded Fares Content
  • Updated Airline Logo Content API

Ticket Audit is a hi-tech travel technology company that has undergone splendid growth over the past decades. We have strong domain expertise in the airline and travel industry with global content aggregation. We serve Airlines, OTA’s, Travel Agencies/Consolidators, Loyalty Companies, and Insurance Companies. We own a team of 100+ skilled professionals with expert knowledge in tours and travel business. The travel corporation is IATA certified and it focuses on bringing automated solutions to clients. Founded in the year 2003, we have a diversified product range.

Products & Services are:

  • Recover the hidden money from your past itineraries
  • Ticket Audit
  • Gain Lost Revenue
  • Quick Refund
  • Custom Reporting
  • Third-party review of TMC(s)
  • Check valid tickets and usage
  • Custom Reporting
  • Market dominance in auditing
  • Past itineraries compensation data

TravelAgentMall was founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Michigan, USA. TravelAgentMall is an online B2B portal, offering multiple fare types for over 350+ airlines from North America to Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South Pacific. TravelAgentMall services travel agencies, loyalty reward management companies, travel management companies, tour operators, etc. with ticket fulfillment services for their customers with fares sourced from Consolidator Fares, Tour Fares, Web Fares, Corporate Fares, Published and Private Fares. For over a decade, TravelAgentMall has enabled our travel partners and travel professionals to serve all their customers’ needs by offering the best content with the best prices from multiple GDS and Direct Connects.

Today TravelAgentMall is one of the best B2B online airfare consolidator service company that empowers all travel businesses by providing travel technology solutions to Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Corporates, Hotels and Travel Management Companies across the globe. We offer White Label, XML apis to all our customers which help provide security and stability of their website.

Products & Services are:

  • Global Air Fare Market Place
  • Global Hotel Market Place
  • White Label Group Fare

Airline Technology with NDC based products & services is aligning industry with newer distribution channels and opportunities

Products & Services are:

  1. For Agency & Agents

2. For Airlines, GDS & AGGREGATOR

  • 24*7 Technical Support


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