Retail Internet Booking Engine with remarkable features
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Retail Internet Booking Engine with remarkable features

Internet booking engine plays a crucial role in tourism sector today. One can’t deny the ample benefits of the online booking system. The old trend of reservations has been replaced by featured internet booking tool. Various travel agencies acquire online booking engine to pep up their business in one way or other.

There are many retail booking engines in the market but one having sharp competitive edge marks its identity with traits that are rarely found elsewhere. Travel agents, OTA(s) or other travel companies integrate their websites with the right internet booking engine to meet their customers’ expectations. Even after so much competition in the industry, the travel companies may grow instantly by having a perfect retail internet booking engine.

The right B2C reservation platform influences the sales of navigation companies. To have immediate bookings, customers always seek travel websites with better search capability, faster results, and dynamic pricing.

The transformation seen in the travel industry reflects the adoption of better technical aspects today.  Travel agencies must not skip several features while choosing the right internet booking engine for their website.  They can check if the travel reservation platform holds high bandwidth, easy integration, meta-search capability, private server, user-friendly interface, multiple payment options etc. 

Better technical features facilitate better functioning without any glitch in between. The open-source software is offered to travel company to do its own branding and develop its travel website as per its own ideas. By showing innovative work or displaying important content in favorable ways, these travel agencies earn well. Moreover, a B2C internet booking engine is not limited to airlines only, it may also include diversified content on hotels, car rentals, insurance etc. Travel agencies can easily customize rates as per their business needs.

By availing the right travel booking engine, travel companies offer a practical way to customers where they may specify their travel requirements. Further, IBE connects with GDS to fetch the needed data and reflects it to the user in a matter of seconds.

After payment and PNR generation, tickets are issued in a short time span. Nowadays, the internet booking engine comes with numerous in-built features. Ancillaries may benefit the user in multiple ways. An IBE may influence any travel business up to great extent by attracting thousands of travelers worldwide. With the automated booking system, travel companies can easily customize rates by fetching the seasonal traffic information.  

The internet booking engine allows travelers to book the ticket whenever they want. The time flexibility along with the multi-lingual, multi-currency support makes any online booking system even more advantageous.

Unlike traditional booking scenario, web booking engine makes the reservation process cost-effective and yields faster results. The PSS offerings pave a way to ideal traveling experience. Some authenticated reservation systems not only simplify the whole booking process but also provide dynamic booking services with their cloud-based software. Travel company can look for internet booking engine i.e. easy to integrate and collaborate with other API, it clarifies the scope of scalability. 

Internet booking engines are designed to accomplish modern age demands and support full authentication. An advanced IBE has real-time connectivity to a credit card clearance agency to facilitate credit card payments.  

No complications are seen when traveler books for multiple stops for specific time durations, latest internet booking engines deal with it easily. In order to extend their business globally most of the travel companies seek internet booking engine having multi-language support features. The presence of other essential attributes including real-time seat availability, payment gateways, easy cancellation, quick refunds makes it quite enticing to customers.  

The fully integrated solution helps travel companies optimize their business. The analytics behind today’s internet booking engine follows modern trends and fulfill all travel needs. Faster execution, real-time schedules, fares, fare tariffs or any global pricing inventory have reformed the old booking setup. Internet-based reservation system not only serves travelers well but also gives an edge to travel agencies.

The travel booking engine offering instant confirmation for any reservation have left manual proceedings faraway. There is no doubt that the internet booking engine favors people in multiple ways. The single platform gives access to a convenient way of buying airline ticket or booking hotel room, holiday package, or car rental service etc. The online system brought a revolution by simplifying the reservation process. The progressions are still seen with the introduction of additional features in several internet booking engines eventually.

Are you aware of the next generation B2B flight booking engine?

A B2B flight booking engine helps travel companies to manage their agent network and manage rules based on agent level in a convenient way. It allows travel companies to assign user based customized rules for their agents. Markups can be done for each airline and each country.  Amidst growing competition, travel companies should look for an advanced B2B flight booking portal that can help them manage their agent network in the best way.
A perfect B2B booking portal helps travel companies connect with multiple systems and suppliers on one platform easily. Here, we will focus on white-label B2B booking engine and its features that make it beneficial to travel companies.

What is a white label B2B Flight booking engine?

Travel agencies can use white label or private label B2B flight booking engine with their own name and branding. They can save a lot of time as a private label booking engine is a ready-to-use tool and does not require any development cost. Besides this, it is cost effective and convenient to use.

why you need a private-label B2B flight booking portal?

A private-label B2B flight booking portal allows travel companies to maintain efficiency by making bookings one web based platform.
User-friendly interface of a white label B2B booking portal avoids the need to extensively train your agents as they can easily manage this booking system.
All markups and commissions can be handled with a great ease using the right B2B booking portal.

What features of a highly advanced B2B flight booking portal should have?

Content from multiple sources like wholesalers, direct connects, GDSs, and LCCs can be unified to present the best flight deals available.
An advanced B2B flight booking portal allows quick and easy sign-ups for agents and sub-agents.
Complex itineraries can be managed in a simpler way.
Incorporating business rules are easy and proper agent-wise reports can be generated.
Brings customer satisfaction with the multi-currency and multi-lingual support.
Multiple payment methods
Easy and faster to implement
High degree of performance
Reliability and Transparency
Real-time pricing covers a wide range of flights

Benefits of the next generation B2B flight booking engine?

·         An advanced B2B flight booking portal helps increase sales as it makes searching and booking faster and easier.
·         Increases customer base by giving access to data that supports personalization.
·         More choices due to diversified content
·         Saves times and money
·         Low operational cost
·         Increases business efficiency
·         Save efforts needed for developing tools
·         Strong tracking and reporting capability


AccessOne offers retail Internet Booking Engine and other necessary travel solutions. The travel booking engine is easy to integrate and supports all major GDS. It is a globally trusted platform offering services to various travel agencies, OTA(s) etc.

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