New York (USA) to Male (Maldives) B2B flight booking portal (Fare Compare)
New York (USA) to Male (Maldives) B2B flight booking portal (Fare Compare)

New York (USA) to Male (Maldives) B2B flight booking portal (Fare Compare)

Are you looking for cheap fare from New York to Maldives? here we are publishing some sample of fares from different B2B Flight Booking Portals. You can compare these data from their respective websites.

Fare Compare Table:

Travel Agent Mall523$
Google Flight703$

Book a flight through New York, and you’ll pay from just $523 to travel to destinations. Fares listed are for travel from New York, but other departure cities are available. Fares listed are a small sample of those available. For full comparison visit their respective websites.

Travel Agent Mall: 523$

New York to Maldives (Travel Agent Mall Fare)

Expedia: 703$

New York to Maldives (Expedia Fare)

Google Flight: 703$

New York to Maldives (Sabre & Google Flight) 614$

New York to Maldives (Kayak & Fare)

Note: This is commission Fare, Agents Can Apply on TravelagentMall- Cheap Airfares New York to Maldives to get 10%-70% commission on each ticket. Travelers can purchase Group Ticket on Agents Price. Call @ +1 248-488-7700

Travel Dates: According to the destination (May Vary).

Advance Purchase Requirements: May apply.

Expiration: May apply

Minimum/Maximum Stay: May apply.

Blackout Dates: May apply.

Additional Fees: Fares listed may not include applicable government taxes and airport fees. Baggage charges and other additional fees may apply.

Further Restrictions: Fares listed are for one way trip travel at the time of the announcement it may change when you visit as fare price always fluctuates with the new dates. Further restrictions may apply.

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