Best B2B Travel Portals in USA– 2020 | Airline Ticket Websites
Best B2B Travel Portals in USA– 2020

Best B2B Travel Portals in USA– 2020 | Airline Ticket Websites

If you are looking for the industry-leading travel portal companies that deliver excellent B2B travel portals, you are at the right place. We have done the deep analyses and found some of the best B2B travel portals in the USA. We have come conclusions by witnessing their growth of bookings in the year 2018 and 2019. They possess some of the unique selling points. Approximately 35.6% of improvements in flight bookings have been seen in recent years.

Nowadays your travel technology partner can provide you better facilities provided that they are well aware of the present demand patterns of the customers. When we talk about the B2B travel portal, the fares are really crucial for travel agents as fares let them decide whether or not they would be able to sell their special fares. Therefore, we are introducing some of the best B2B travel portals in the USA that can help you get the best airfares for your travel business.

Travel Agent mall
Travel Agent mall

Travel Agent Mall

Travel Agent Mall is a leading B2B travel portal provider in the USA. This company assures the best airfares as they source fares from all the major GDSs. They provide a B2B travel portal that is highly trusted among travel agents. They offer a powerful admin panel that helps manage the agent network in an excellent way. They offer worldwide content from top suppliers. They are veterans in the travel domain as they have been working in the travel industry for decades. Moreover, they come with the fares for first, business & economy wholesale airfares. Travel agents can book unlimited flights and hotels at the best B2B rates with this company. They offer 24/7 support and have a dedicated group’s desk to help manage the best group fares.


Skyline travel

They have a core group of highly experienced and committed travel consultants for domestic & international travel. With years of experience, they bring you the best possible fares with scheduled airlines (full-service as well as budget carriers) round the world. They also appear among leading B2B travel portals in 2020. They believe each customer is unique precisely, so they provide tailor-made services to suit your every requirement. Owing to their expertise in air ticketing, and distinctive leverage with major airlines, Skyline claim to offer the competitive airfares.

Picasso travel

Picasso Travel is headquartered in Los Angeles. Their branch offices are located in most strategic gateways in the U.S.A and worldwide. Picasso Travel provides discounted travel fares to the travel agency community. They are a wholesale distributor for airlines and tour operators, they provide travel agents with the ability to purchase travel services for their customers at discounted prices. They have invested in research and technology to better serve their customers in a better way.

CTS travel

CTS travel is extended as Cosmopolitan Travel Service. This air consolidator has good experience in negotiating wholesale air contracts with airlines. Their portfolio allows us travel agents to offer both international and domestic airfares that are below published prices exclusively to travel agent partners. Travel agents can get full access to pricing right on the GDS.

GTT travel

GTT Travel is a company that offers a B2B travel portal that allows fast & easy online reservations. They provide economical fares for air and hotel. This company was founded in the year 2001 and is committed to providing you with high-quality flight travel tickets and hotel services.

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