Impact of reliable fare filing services on travel businesses
Impact of reliable fare filing services on travel businesses

Impact of reliable fare filing services on travel businesses

Launch your special fares with the world-class fare filing service

Before starting a discussion on fare filing service and fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert, we would like to introduce you to problems travel companies face. Consider a typical travel company, they have complex workflow challenges on a regular basis. We can find them focusing on several tasks: like making efforts to increase bookings, confirmations, and other activity updates. Thereby, they are unable to find the best solutions to launch their special or promotional fares into the market before others.

3 types of fare filings

  • ATPCO fare filing
  • GDS fare filing
  • Third-party fare filing

Fare Filing: Bring your private fares in the market before others

Let’s start with what fare filing actually means. Fare Filing is a fully automated program with which a travel company can control pricing distribution and ticketing. It is basically loading fares into ATPCO, GDS, or third-party database. For example, ATPCO allows airlines and 3rd parties to code fares, taxes, rules, and routing directly into its database for further fare redistribution. Likewise, if we consider GDS fare filing; each GDS has its own fare filing tool. GDS fare filing service includes fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert, fare filing in Sabre Myfares, and Agency private fares filing in Travelport. These fare filing tools allow to input, edit, modify, manage and distribute multiple negotiated fare types (unpublished/private fares).

How does fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert proceed?

On receiving a fare filing contract, a fare loading expert codes the fares by making use of instruction templates as desired followed by a self-quality check on the rules and fares. Then comes the next level, where a quality check on the fares is carried forward by the fare filing team before they are filed to the main filing system. After the proper quality check, the available fares tested and filed in Amadeus FareXpert.

7 Benefits of fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert

There are many benefits of fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert, some of them are discussed below:

Increases productivity

The use of analytical tools increase efficiency and make the fare filing process much easier. These fare coding macros improve the turnaround time and hence increases productivity.

Maximize profit possibility

Fare loading service improves revenues as well as cost optimization. They increase the profit possibilities that you seek for your business.

Outperform competitors

The software solutions used in fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert improve speed-to-market and this allows travel companies to bring their private fares in the market before their counterparts.

Improves fare quality

With the help of macro-enabled fare uploading, fare type quality gets improved Thereby, you get an automated fare quote that is accurate as no manual intervention was required which avoids the possibility of error.

Improves Customer experience

Fare loading in Amadeus FareXpert helps becoming quick in responding to customer demands and perform better.

Looking for the fare filing expert in Amadeus FareXpert?

If you are looking forward to a fare filing expert; TWAI is a leading fare filing expert that is headquartered in the USA. It delivers the world-class fare filing service which includes ATPCO fare filing, fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert, fare filing in Sabre myFares, and fare filing in all other major GDSs as well. Its services also include CAT 10 fare filing, Cat 35 fare filing, CAT 25 fare filing, CAT 15 fare filing, military fare filing, and Unpublished/private fare filing in the third party database.

TWAI has long-standing relationships with all major GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. They ensure better GDS system resolutions and high accuracy in promotional fares.

Travel companies like to outsource your filing of fares to TWAI, as they have set a benchmark in managing fares in an excellent way. They help reduce your company’s overhead costs and streamline your processes. They file fares in a timely fashion which helps overcome challenges in the highly competitive environment.

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