Solve Travel Business Challenges with Branded Fare Ticket Attributes
Airline Ticket Attributes

Solve Travel Business Challenges with Branded Fare Ticket Attributes

The use of specialized technologies has increased throughout the industry and has created pressure among travel companies. They need to come up with the best travel solutions to compete in the marketplace by focusing on smart innovations for their travel portals.

Nowadays, passengers look for a better overall flight shopping experience rather than just finding the cheapest fares. Therefore, they prefer booking portals that give them choice and flexibility. As an example, they like to know the services that are offered as part of branded fares over normal fares. Travel companies that have access to branded fare content have the ability to grow their business by offering additional services with the air tickets.

Here, we will discuss what branded fares are and the importance of showing branded fare ticket attributes on travel portals. Travelers have a variety of travel needs that they’re looking to be fulfilled and with the proliferation of the internet, they have a choice of travel agencies to choose from. If travel companies lack informative data that reveals branded fare ticket attributes, passengers may choose one of their competitors due to the unavailability of airline rich content on the booking portal.

What are branded fares?

Branded fares can vary from normal airfares as they often include several additional services of airlines. Some of the services that passengers can get by booking branded fares are baggage allowances, lounge access, advance change, ticket upgrades, and same-day changes. An airline’s branded fare is sub-divided into categories that have a specific bunch of ancillary services. Each branded fare can differ in accordance with the services involved with them. For example, American Airlines have branded fare categories as Choice, Choice Essential and Choice Plus. All three of these categories have a specific set of covered ancillary services.

Importance of showing Branded fare ancillary services

If a travel company only shows the branded fares without any hints of what actually differentiates them from normal fares, it is unclear to customers why they should book a branded fare. A travel company can lose business if a customer isn’t made aware of the multitude of benefits and services they receive from branded fares.

Having access to airline rich content enables the travel company to disclose branded fare ticket attributes to customers, so they can buy flight tickets accordingly.

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