A quick guide to Business Class Air Consolidator & their Discounts
Business Class Consolidator

A quick guide to Business Class Air Consolidator & their Discounts

For example, if the business class fare is $3,000 and the airline’s commission is $1,500, the consolidator might keep $200, your agency might keep $300, and the passenger would pay $2,000.

The second legal way for consolidators to do business is for the airline to file special rates in its official, government-filed tariff and then offer the specials only through selected consolidators.

Number 1. Discounted Fares

Airlines have a lot of seats that they like to sell through business class consolidators. Therefore, business class consolidators are capable of providing discounted fares to travel agents, which help them have excellent profit possibilities on corporate business travel also.

Number 2. Group Flight Tickets

A business class consolidator negotiates contracts with airlines to buy seats in bulk, this involves targets and if the targets are achieved, the more discounts can be received further due to trust developed with airlines.

Number 3. Premium Discounts

A Business class consolidator offers heavy discounts on business and first-class tickets as airlines generally release premium class discounts to such consolidators only.

Number 4. Business-class consolidators in the USA

Travel agents can purchase special fares from specialized airline consolidators in order to fulfill their specific business needs. For instance, the USA is the world’s largest air travel market and some consolidators may specialize in selling business class consolidator tickets for those major airlines. Such consolidators can be recognized as:

Have you still not chosen the best Business Class Consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator.

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