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AccessOne API is the most advanced unified API platform which reduces integration time with access to inventory globally from a wide variety of suppliers across all products including GDSs, wholesalers, direct connects, aggregators, channel managers, and more. All the content at your fingertips in a common unified format with a complete customizable business rules engine giving you complete control over your products and distribution.

The product has a robust unified interface for faster integration and is available for Air, Car, Hotel, Insurance, Activities etc.

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Content Aggregation

AccessOne aggregates the content from all your sources into a single easy to use solution through a unified format

Business Rules Engine

Take control over your content and decide the rules and markups for products by geography, customer location, seasons etc. all through an easy to use web-based rules engine

Release Versioning

Integrate new features with zero impact to your existing development so you are always in complete control of your development lifecycle

Caching and Tokenization

Built-in hosted caching and tokenization allows for faster and easier access to content while reducing data transfer sizes

Enhanced Standardized Functionality

Rather than reducing functionality to the lowest common level across suppliers, AccessOne enhances functionalities for each supplier to support highest level

Up-to-date Reference Data

No longer do you need to maintain or search for reference data like airlines, airports, hotels etc. as the latest up-to-date data is available through AccessOne

Content Mapping

Eliminate duplicate content across various sources while deciding which supplier has priority based on rules through our leading content mapping solution.

Global Suppliers

Access global inventory across GDS, wholesalers, consolidators, direct connects, aggregators from our growing list of popular and niche suppliers.

Reduce Development Time

Easily integrate 100s of suppliers in days instead of weeks thereby reducing development time and going to market faster

Managed SaaS Platform

AccessOne is fully hosted and managed at world class data centers where we proactively monitoring for any issues before they become a problem

Supplier Updates

All changes to supplier APIs are automatically handled without impact to your integration

Control over Supplier content

Complete control over supplier content by allowing changes within minutes with no impact on integration

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    good product

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